Seminar “tool technology for large plastic components”

This workshop is for designers, developers, quality engineers and tool purchasers who, at an early stage play an important role and thus have an influence upon producibility, development periods and costs. To be sure, our pragmatic approach does not replace carefully acquired know-how. But it improves your basic understanding of a tool’s functions and the injection-moulding process and of critical design and development stages.


  • Tool making – general definition
  • Temperature control – problems and possibilities
  • Gating systems – hot runner, film gate, tunnel gate
  • Tool centering – impact upon split lines
  • Ejectors and sliders – types and operating mode
  • Tool costs – use of materials and cost drivers
  • Practical use of a tool – a bumper tool’s functions


  • Demoulding types – impact upon design and engineering
  • Critical areas of bumper demoulding (foglamp / wheel house flange/soft nose)
  • Examples of complex demouldings (complex slider systems)
  • Life next to the machine – cinematics and part removal

Injection process

  • Gating position, mould flow
  • Injection pressure, filling pressure, flow lines and weld lines
  • Component removal, cycle times

Various topics and examples will be explained during the tour of our plant.

1 day (9 am – 4 pm)

Schneider Form GmbH, D-73265 Dettingen/Teck, Germany

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Mr. Christian Sehl

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