HQ – Schneider Form GmbH

At our HQ at Dettingen-Teck, we employ about 200 people. Here, we focus upon tools of a weight exceeding 25 t. The entire machinery is geared to such dimensions. The portfolio ranges from “Class A“ injection-moulded external parts and dashboards to RTM and high pressure die-casting dies. Our product development is also based here, among other things, as well as in our new office in Böblingen with the Siemens NX applications design system. Located in the centre of the automotive industry in southern Germany, we try to discern trends so early that we can even work upon a solution before your request has come in. From here, we talk to our customers, come up with technical innovations and the quality you will find inside every product that bears our name.

Schneider Form GmbH
Kirchheimer Straße 181
73265 Dettingen unter Teck

Phone +49 7021 80 80-0
Fax +49 7021 8080-80


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