Tryout center

You will find our modern Tryout center at our HQ. Two injection moulding machines, Engel 4000 and KM 4000, with an automated removal system (6 axis articulated robot and linear device) stand beside powerful material dryers and heating and cooling equipment. On all moulding machines, we can run the same cycle times as on a production machine. We thus improve the reproducibility of the results. Light tunnel, infrared camera and optical measuring complete our quality assurance competence.

KM 4000 Engel 4000
Centring in Ø 350 350
Screw Ø in mm 135 135
Installation height min/max in mm 1100/2250 1000/2100
Shot weight in g 9769 10000
Clear spar width (h x v) in mm 2240 x 1800 2300 x 2000
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