We provide swift help either on site, in our vicinity or in Beijing, be it for one of our own tools or that of another supplier.

Our team for external solutions has more than 60 years of mould-making experience. We make your problem ours and do all we can in order to guarantee that your production can resume swiftly. Regular maintenance work, e.g. on die-casting moulds, and extensive analysis and corrections that require a lot of machinery is done at our own or partners´ plant.

Our services include:

Fault analysis:

  • Conventional measuring
  • Optical measuring
  • Thermodynamic analysis
  • Functional test


  • All welding processes
  • Milling, sparking etc.
  • Fitting, die spotting, polishing
  • Repair of grained surfaces

Special jobs:

  • Start up support
  • Maintenance and repair contracts
  • Management of modifications
Service from a single source!
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