Schneider Form develops designs and manufactures tools with the claim to be best in class. Efficient project planning and control are essential for the high quality we demand during each phase of production. Employee commitment is stimulated through our very contemporary company environment, guaranteeing a high level of accuracy, reliability and long-term loyalty. For example, in our CAD department more than 45 highly qualified design engineers work with the latest hardware. Fast and flexible processes are ensured through the use of constantly updated software and template technologies. In addition, the 50 NC machines in our production area are continuously renewed.

Machines not older than 7 years perform 90 % of all production hours. In the areas of assembly and tryout, a total of 70 employees are responsible for the completion of approx. 200 tools per year. For this, more than 3.500 m² of assembly space with high crane capacity and 3 bed-out presses are available. Testing takes place in our own technical pilot plant on automated injection moulding machines of up to 4000 tonnes clamping pressure. In addition, regular checking of our efficiency in quality audits and against benchmarks guarantees the continued further development of our organisation.

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